Christine Jakel

Singer Songwriter

Satellite Moons EP

"Her talents are immediately impactful, and draw listeners in like a tractor beam through the headphones or on stage... she has a musical “sense” about her that is well beyond her years..."

-Ottawa Showbox


"Bringing a sense of depth to folk, there's a tempered beauty to the music of Christine Jakel. Her densely written but sweetly toned compositions all feel fleshed out but never over-produced, for a record that's pensive and exciting."

- Ottawa Life


"I was blown away by her technical skills and ability to bring a room to pure silence. Her music speaks from the heart, telling personal stories with pure melodies."

- Kamara Morozuk


Christine Jakel is an indie folk/alternative artist based in Ottawa, Ontario. Her broad vocal range, captivating melodies and inventive, yet accessible, songwriting bring to mind artists such as Joni Mitchell, Feist and Hozier.


Christine discovered songwriting while studying classical voice at the University of Ottawa. She fell in love with it as a more personal means of self-expression than the classical repertoire she was used to. After completing her degree in 2016, she decided to change lanes completely and dedicate herself to writing and performing her own music. With songs ranging from tales of heartbreak to fun tunes that’ll have you snapping along, listeners can expect to be taken on a journey at her live show.


With an EP and a newly released single under her belt, Christine has toured the East Coast and Ontario, including such stages as Marvest at City Folk, Girls to the Front Songwriters’ Circle, the Ottawa Grassroots Festival and Canadian Music Week. She has since been further honing her craft and is currently gearing up for a year of new releases and tours.